Are you looking for mail forwarding services that will make managing your mail easier and more efficient? With mail forwarding services, you can now have mail from multiple addresses sent to a single address.  


This helps streamline the process of receiving correspondence, as well as minimize clutter. Read on to learn more about mail forwarding services and the top providers. 

How Mail Forwarding Services Work  


A mail forwarding service provides customers with an address to receive mail. When someone sends you a letter or package, it will be forwarded to the address provided by the service. The company then forwards the item to your actual address, either through physical delivery or electronic means. 

Some provide physical delivery services, meaning they’ll send a letter or package to your address. Others offer digital mail forwarding, which allows you to receive emails and access electronic documents online. 


Some services also can hold onto packages and letters until you can pick them up in person. Moreover, some providers may offer additional services, such as payment processing, package notification, and tracking information. 

Types of Mail Forwarding Services  


Mail forwarding services are essential for every business, allowing them to send and receive documents, packages, and other items quickly and securely. Several mail forwarding services are available today, each offering different levels of convenience and security depending on the organization’s needs. They include; 



  • Domestic Mail Forwarding: This mail forwarding service is most suitable for people who move out of their hometown and need to keep receiving mail from the same address or location. The service provider would check all incoming mail at a designated post office box, scan it electronically, and forward it to the customer’s current residence. 



  • International Mail Forwarding: This service is best for customers who need to receive mail from an international address or location. The provider will help forward the mail to the customer’s current address, whether in another country or continent. 



  • Packaging and Shipping Services: Many mail-forwarding companies also offer packaging and shipping services. This can significantly benefit customers who need to send out packages or other items from their current residence but can’t do it themselves. The provider would collect the item, package it appropriately, and ship it to its final destination. 



  • Digital Mail Services: This type of service is becoming increasingly popular in today’s digital age. Many mail forwarding companies provide the option of scanning all incoming mail and emailing it to customers in PDF format. This can be an excellent way for customers to save time, money, and paper. 



  • Bulk Mail Services: This service is often used by businesses that need to send out large amounts of mail regularly. The service provider would collect, package, and ship all the mail in one delivery, saving the customer time and money. This is an excellent option for companies that need to send out items such as promotional material or newsletters. 

Types of Mail Forwarding Service Providers 


Mail forwarding is an essential service for those who need to stay on top of their mail, even when they’re away from home. Fortunately, there are plenty of providers out there that offer reliable and efficient mail forwarding services. Here are seven of the best:  

  1. Your Virtual Office London: Your Virtual Office London offers a professional mail forwarding service for private individuals and businesses. With YVOL, you can have your mail forwarded to any address in the UK or overseas securely, quickly, and reliably. They provide 24-hour access to your mail, an automated tracking system, and optional storage of items received.
  2. Traveling Mailbox: With Traveling Mailbox, you can get an actual street address from anywhere in the US, plus access to digital document management tools for managing your mail. They offer mail forwarding, scanning and shredding, document storage, email alerts, and more.
  3. Earth Class Mail: This is ideal for busy professionals who must stay remotely on top of their mail. With this service, you get an actual street address in the US, plus access to digital mailroom tools for scanning, storing, and organizing your mail 
  1. MyUKMailbox: They offer affordable mail forwarding services for UK users. They provide international and domestic forwarding services, PO Box rentals, and digital storage options.
  2. PostScan Mail: This is a comprehensive mail forwarding service that offers mailbox rentals, mail scanning and shredding, digital document storage, email alerts, and more. They also have 24/7 customer support to answer any questions about their services.
  3. Virtual Post Mail: They provide international and domestic mail forwarding services for individuals and businesses. They also offer digital document storage and email alerts to get all vital mail.
  4. PostalMethods: It’s a cloud-based mailing service that offers secure mail tracking, delivery confirmation, and more. With their international and domestic mail forwarding services, you can stay updated on your mail without having to be at home. 

Final Thoughts 


Mail forwarding services are an invaluable tool for anyone who needs to receive their mail regularly but doesn’t have a dedicated mailing address. There are many providers to choose from with varying features and price points, so it is essential to compare the options to find the best service.