To fill a position and to find the fitment of a candidate for an open area and the compatibility, every company makes use of the psychometric test. It is indeed a good practice to assess the candidate on a set of standard process to streamline the recruitment process. Therefore, you must understand the psychometric test as an interview process.

Psychometric Test Process

Incorporate the psychometric assessment test as part of the interview process. Make sure every new candidate appearing for an interview takes the test. Also, have them be assessed for your existing employees. Store the results to make a comparison. Say for instance there is an employee considered to be an all-rounder in your firm. You must compare that result with the candidate who appeared for an interview not to reject but to know where that person stands. It may be useful to train some resource to become an all-rounder in the future. Remember that the test results must be compared only to understanding and do not make the mistake of taking the hiring decision based on that. Just to avoid human intervention such test is administered and hence do not compare for decision making purpose. So you must analyse before you make an offer so that you know the candidate's strength and weakness to allocate work accordingly. 

Result Analysis

Upon deciding to hire a candidate, you must discuss the test results with them. This will help them to understand better about their candidature. Let them not feel great that they cleared all rounds. But make sure they know that they require some training as well. This will help you fix salaries. One can be technically strong, but overall fitment can be concluded based on the psychometric test. Therefore make sure to discuss results with them.

Build Teams

Now you conducted the test, analysed the result and discussed with them to offer them the position. The day they join you must again use the test result to align them with right teams. People quit not because of salary and most of the time only because of the team and the managers. So use this test result to place them in a group with like-minded people. This will enable the new joiner to feel at home and get accustomed soon to the culture. Every team will deliver projects when they feel comfortable working, and this can be given only by the right people in the group. For instance, aggressive players in a team might overboard others and thus spoil the work. It is better to align organization which can be done with the help of the test results.  It may take time to understand candidate on the job to build a team and thus test will help to form groups quickly. 

Thus, every company must make use of the psychometric test to hire the right resource. Further, they can plan to allocate vital project to prevent attrition. Right hiring decision and retention are the pillars of any organization success. Hence it is expected from every business to follow these tips to use the psychometric test for effective hiring.