Your spouse or your life partner deserves the best version of you when she bears it when you are at your worst. Well, most people think their better half should understand the gestures they express love with which is acceptable to some extent but at some point in your life she may feel the need to be understood. Expression of love however isn’t just the words that you utter from your mouth, in fact, it is the little things you do to make her feel that you care. You can help her do the household chores or just offer her help or you can get her flowers on your way back home.

People often complicate their lives by having high expectations and looking for luxuries instead of just appreciating the little things they have. Like watching a movie on a Saturday night, enjoying family dinners together, having to cherish each other’s success in short celebrating togetherness. Your spouse requires your time and attention rather than expensive gifts. However, happiness is often linked to materialism which isn’t always true. You can always read her poems from to make her feel extra special instead of just ranting about money all the time.

So we are about to explore some unique ways to express love to your spouse or wife so that she fall in love with you all over again.

Value Her Individuality:

Be aware that your wife is your life partner not your mom or someone you may have known. She is an individual and has some likes and dislikes so you cannot force your choices upon her or make her do things that you like. It is always about respecting each other’s choices and seek happiness in her happiness.

Pay Attention to Her

She should not crave for you at all, she deserves all of you at all times so be attentive to what she is saying, responsive towards her, tell her you understood. Don’t use your cellphone while you are with her and ask her about the things she like but if you know it all just find activities that you can do together. This way you get to know the real her. Due to the fact that she may feel comfortable sharing her insecurities with you.

Be Humorous and make Jokes to Her

Try and keep her happy and make her laugh, a lesser known fact is women find humorous men sexier. The most appealing ones are those that relates to our daily life, tease her, let her know of your existence rather than just laying down watching TV like some grumpy old man who has nothing to do with life. 

Plan a Family Together

Tell her how much you would love to make family with her and have kids who take most of her beauty. Let her know you would be the luckiest if you have a daughter just like her. Make promises that you will help her prepare your children for kindergarten, drop them to the school, play with them. In short you will be an active father in your children’s lives. 

Choose Her Over Everything:

No matter how busy you are make her your first priority and always make time for her. Do the things she likes doing with you no matter how silly it may sound but it will make her day a little brighter. Fix her mood with your nasty jokes, not hesitate to show her who you really are emote yourself to her because she is the one who deserve it more than anyone out there.  

Include Her When You Make Big Decisions:

She deserves to know what you are up to, so tell her about your plans and decisions and ask for her opinion. In fact, if the decision has any chances to impact both of your lives seek her approval first. Both of you have equal right to live a life that you want to so if you decide to leave and settle somewhere else she must be prepared for it

We hope these tips may guide to build a better relationship and also it may have taught you some amazing ways to express your feelings to your wife.