According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 96% of personal injury lawsuits were settled in state courts in 2005. However, a lot of personal injury lawsuits are car accident lawsuits. So, why do most car accident cases settle?

Insurance Companies Would Rather Settle

In most car accident lawsuits, the plaintiff sues another driver. However, it is still uncommon for that defendant to pay any judgment if the plaintiff wins their case.

The defendant's auto insurance company pays, and it is in their best interests to resolve the accident as soon as possible. They want to avoid a time-consuming and expensive trial, and they also want to avoid the uncertainty of going to trial.

However, this does not imply that you will accept the first offer you receive. Insurance companies will do everything possible to settle the claim for as little as feasible.

Furthermore, there are frequently future costs that a plaintiff does not always consider. For example, you may be able to return to work with a hurting back but still require treatment for several months. Your lawyer can determine the extent of an accident's losses, including future costs linked with the crash.

Significantly, don’t agree to a settlement until you have spoken with your vehicle accident attorney about the fundamental nature of your losses.

You need an excellent attorney to receive fair compensation; the attorneys at Boohoff Law have extensive experience and will focus on your case. Helping you understand the actual value of your claim, all of your alternatives, and fighting the insurance companies and the court system to get you the outcome you deserve.

Going to Court Costs Money

One key reason why a trial is the last resort is the high cost of the process. Litigation is expensive, and the costs soon add up.

Producing documentation, employing expert witnesses, and attending and conducting depositions can quickly add five figures. Furthermore, it can drag on for years when a case goes to trial. Both the plaintiff's and insurance company's defense teams would prefer to save time and money.

Compensation Comes Faster Without a Trial

Even without trial, automobile accident claims can take a long time. However, going to trial might drag out the matter for months or even years.

As previously stated, the plaintiff's expenditures mount swiftly. The longer it takes to collect compensation, the more quickly and deeply in debt an automobile accident victim can become.

Assume you go to trial and win a judgment, for example. Your compensation amount is not assured significantly if it exceeds the defendant's insurance policy limits.

You will be able to collect a settlement faster and go on with your life if you choose to negotiate through your automobile accident lawyer.

Trials Can Be Tricky

Trials are difficult because the outcome is unpredictable. Even with strong evidence, it is impossible to foresee how a jury will react to the facts and specifics of a case. Every automobile accident lawyer's mission is to get their client the compensation they deserve. They are aware of and have witnessed the numerous ways an automobile accident can influence a person's life, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Their solid experience and understanding keep them from taking a chance in court.

Your auto accident lawyer can ensure that you receive the money you deserve promptly by avoiding an unexpected trial.

Most Car Accident Lawyers Work on Contingency

Yes, your lawyer wants to make money as well. Otherwise, how would they be able to safeguard and service the numerous accident victims they assist?

However, most vehicle accident attorneys operate on contingency, which means they only get paid if you get compensated.

There's no point in pouring time, effort, and money into a lawsuit only to lose it in court. It is usually in everyone's best interests to ensure that a settlement is guaranteed, and the only way to do so is to settle before the case goes to trial.

People Want to Move On

Following an automobile accident, many people experience post-traumatic stress disorder. It is critical to continue seeing your doctor and following their advice. There's nothing wrong with seeking treatment if your recollections of the crash are plaguing you or you can't shake emotions of fear at the notion of driving.

Even though you should face your worries and seek assistance, you can attempt to put it all behind you. Most people want that, so settling before trial makes the most sense.

After a car accident, both defendants and plaintiffs desire closure so they can pick up the pieces and go on with their lives. Insurance companies, too, want those instances resolved to close the files. Choosing to settle is the quickest and most dependable approach to collect compensation and move on from a collision.


For a good reason, auto accident cases seldom proceed to trial. Trials are expensive and time-consuming, and no one wants to spend all that time and money at the risk of an unexpected decision. Furthermore, the costs of missed work and medical bills pile up quickly after an accident. Years of waiting for compensation might leave a plaintiff in debt well beyond their capabilities. It can also result in unneeded expenses for both sides' attorneys.

While your automobile accident attorney is undoubtedly prepared to go to trial, their skill set allows them to battle for you outside of the courtroom. There's no point in taking chances regarding your health, compensation, and peace of mind.